Friday, November 13, 2009


dr oz
bugs me. and he makes me feel ill too. and (whispering...) he's just not cute enough for tv :)

poor danny
has an icky little tummy. even without watching the dr oz show :|

from the real housewives is, by far, the most wicked witch of the west

luciano pavarotti
singing 'o holy night' is one of my most favorite things about christmas

the sex pistols
are totally overrated and i have no idea what they are doing on my itunes :|

by r.e.m. never gets old

trader joe's
triple ginger thins are even better than his ginger cat cookies. and that's saying something ;)

pirate's booty
is admittedly yummy, but completely overhyped for what seems to be just cheese puffs without the orangey stuff all over them....

white house custom color
has the suckiest templates... i don't know who picks them but i'd hate to see their house

hanna andersson
has an outlet 16 hours' north of us (in Oregon!) and for a split second i considered driving all that way to get some stripy pjs, when fashion island is a 10 minute drive away :|

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