Wednesday, November 04, 2009

grateful saps r us

last night our family spent an hour of "quality time" around the table (after eating a homemade dinner together i might add) writing down what we are grateful for on little leaves made cut stolen home depot paint swatches. i had to add that they were stolen as we were sounding far too much like the people on facebook whose statuses i must hide to avoid vomiting over my laptop :) but technically it wasn't stealing as the paint swatches were free... but i am pretty sure all-you-can-stuff-in-your-pockets 'red pepper', 'crisp autumn leaves' and 'pumpkin patch' color swatches isn't really very cool...

anyway for lack of anything else to blog about today, here is what we are grateful for... some are in there twice as two people had the same thought :)
  • all sorts of buffets all over the world (i swear this wasn't me)
  • deeply fudgy brownies (ahem... that would be me)
  • for all my toys
  • Blackjack, Romeo and my buddy Humphrey (Grandma and Grandpa's dog)
  • for my Mom and Dad
  • home depot - hehe
  • for my school, my friends and my teachers
  • family vacations
  • fishing with the boys (and actually catching something!)
  • Uncle Justin
  • being good at numbers
  • the world wide web (AMEN!)
  • kitty cats
  • the smell of baby powder
  • my house
  • walmart
  • my pets
  • my Grandma and Grandpa
  • opportunities to improve
  • my beautiful wife (blush)
  • Little Britain
  • target
  • my clever boys
  • a wonderful family who all know how to laugh
  • giving presents to my Mom
  • smily babies
  • el pollo loco
  • Mrs Kay :-)
  • my brother
  • my house
  • trips to Cape Cod
  • a decent car
  • my future iphone
  • john's place onion rings
  • being able to cook fish
  • my bow and arrow
  • my camera :-)
  • cotton candy
  • Mom and Dad
  • my brother
  • for big dreams and hope for the future
  • bike rides with Dad and Sam
  • for two wonderful dogs and the energy to walk them
  • wood floors
  • all you can eat vegas buffets (that might be me :-)
  • pet rats
  • healthy children
  • food
  • enough money to pay bills
  • cadbury's dairy milk
  • for a doctor who cares
  • a healthy family
  • venting on my blog (hehehe!)
  • for the stores around us
  • T.V.!!
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  1. This is just so nice ;-)
    It stopped and made me appreciate the little things I have in my life that I take for granted...nice one Carol.

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring post. :) love it!