Thursday, November 05, 2009

it's friday somewhere!

am i the only person in my house with eyes? apparently yes :| why is it... when someone asks "Moooooom... where is my snow covered miniature school house?", and i say "did you check the cubby where you keep all your books and crafts?" and he says "i can't find it!" do i go over there and see it right before my eyes in the cubby with the books and crafts??? why???!

no freaking way. i finally, after days of waiting and searching, have $49.89 of wares in my oriental trading co shopping cart!!! and it's free shipping over $49!! praise Jesus!! we are soooo having a christmas ornament decorating party when the box arrives :)

oh for the love of pete... i go to check out and suddenly all the things i have put in the cart previously, only to break off to fix a snack, pick up a child from school, answer an IM, etc etc, are there waiting to be purchased :| all $201 of them. now i have to painstakingly, one by one, delete all the extra things (waiting for the cart to painstakingly reload after each individual X) to get the total back down to $49.89. there is no empty cart button :| seriously, this is why i curse so much :| and why i NEVER complete an order at oriental trading co

off to drown my sorrows at - where the cart is sooo much easier to steer :|

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I really do ("alot"...teeheehee). I call it the "Man scan" whenever hubby looks for something and can't find it and its right in front of his face. I found you via flickr and although I don't have rattie friends I do have a fondness for a Rolo/Pecan/Pretzel combo lightly heated in the oven :)