Thursday, November 05, 2009

new items on the shit list...

old people
especially ones who insist on trying to drive and go shopping and stuff that involves keeping up with the speed of life. and is it my imagination or are old people kind of nasty these days? they used to be nice in the old days and smell like parma violets and have candy in their handbags and they were a little eccentric but fascinating and they were always kind, but not anymore! now they are just mean and annoying and try to touch my pretend baby, while i am putting my groceries on the conveyor belt :| do i honestly need to get a big sign for the infant seat that says "it's flu season so please do not touch the baby under any circumstances, even if his bootie has fallen off... that means you too, grandma!"... because i will :|

stater bros
i am officially boycotting stater bros. like, forever!!! today i stopped to get diet coke and noticed their baking sale - buy 10 items and get $5 off. how could i resist?! so i quickly dashed around the store, grabbing golden brown sugar and cream cheese (which incidentally was in a completely different dept to butter just to add to the misery) only to find on my receipt (after i had left of course) that the coupon took off $0.00 instead of $5.00 :| i called the store and apparently one of the 10 baking items wasn't in the promotion, but the nice cashier didn't bother to tell me that. i sent a member of my family back to claim my $5, but it's so totally over between us, stater bros. and i mean it this time. for real!!

hi-back booster seats
whoever invented this device is one sick puppy - hi-back booster seats are the work of the devil sent to torture parents of preschoolers just a little more. firstly they are ugly and have gross scratchy covers. second, when you thread the seat belt through the red thing, it locks everytime a kid pulls on it and won't budge at all, which requires the parent to crawl into the back of the car and unthread it completely in order to unlock it, fasten the seat belt, rethread it through the red thing, then climb back into the front of the car, by which time the child in the seat needs a snack and has dropped a beloved toy. multiple this by 6 times in an average each day and multiply that by 2 :| the day my kids outgrow the last hi-back booster seat we are having a carseat bonfire (and i don't care if you're not supposed to burn plastic!)

'tiger woman' at preschool
this woman insists on always waiting for my space even though i am not leaving :| this morning i refused to rush so she tried to squeeeeze her suburban into the compact space next to my minivan, as i wrangled a 5 year old in a poofy un-carseat-friendly pettiskirt and a past-naptime 3 month old into their carseats. tiger woman, i don't care for you very much :|

back after i finally eat for the first time today with pics xo

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  1. oh no! I love our high back boosters, they are soft(like a suede material or crush velvet maybe) and fold up for transferring from one car to the next.
    not a fan of grumpy old people.
    i would kick that suburban driving tiger woman's butt!! suburban drivers should never park in a compact space..major pet peeve of mine.